Yes the current model is broken. Incredible writing and overview of the transformational nature of everything in our lives, providing great guidelines for moving forward. However, as I'm always saying, none of these wonderful things will happen naturally. We will either get there by learning to connect our egos in an optimal manner (instead of the destructive/egoistic way they are currently connected) by systematically investing in human connection, or we'll get there through more blows pushing us from behind. Remember how we all scrambled to connect when the pandemic started? We pivoted and made massive changes in the world very…

Oren Kaniel, AppsFlyer CEO, Lisa Zaythik, AppsFlyer CPO, & Ronni Zehavi, HiBob CEO — November 2019


  1. Lisa Zaythik — Chief People Officer, AppsFlyer
  2. Shirly Avivi — Talent Acquisition Lead, HP
  3. Yael Sapir-Zehavi — VP Human Resources, Tailor Brands
  4. Ronni Zehavi — Co-Founder and CEO, Hibob
  5. Dr. Eli VinokurVice President, Gordon Academic College


High together on connection in the first months of the pandemic (HumansFirst hangout August 2020)

Why do we buy games for kids? Because we want them to develop. This is a conscious decision we make since we want our kids to feel fulfilled. Imagine if we did the same for ourselves.

What Does Conscious Change Look Like For Us?

We realize that “playing” is the main key to our development.

This is how we train ourselves to be good at being human.

How to relate to the world and the people around us.

This is not simply about suiting ourselves to the world, but rather seeing how we’re actively improving the world.

Acting helps match us to the positive forces in the world.

Hacking HR TLV Virtual Event — September 2, 2020

There are important conversations that we need to be having throughout society nowadays, and the HR’s of the world have a lot of influence in that regard.

For the last two years I’ve watched Hacking HR founder Enrique Rubio bring more and more circles of people together from all over the world to have these conversations. He has literally dedicated his life to this task of rewriting the book of HR, which was long overdue for a serious rehaul. …

  • The power of thought is the main and highest power humans have
  • We create our reality with our thoughts, feelings and everything we do
  • The aspiration is to live in an ideal state
  • To change ourselves, and through this all of reality that we sense
  • To control our desire, a person’s main force

The Environment

The question before us is — how can we control the power of our thoughts? Our thoughts control our desire, and our desire controls our thoughts, because there is a reciprocal relationship between them. So the question is — how do we change the power of thought…

The Law Of Development

We develop by the egoistic force, the desire to take pleasure from every possible thing, from all levels of development — the Earth, plant world, animal kingdom, and humans. The process of development in the Earth, plant world and animal kingdom is slow. The human species develops very quickly, and we can feel on ourselves how quickly the world is evolving. (Our will to receive pleasure and delight)

A New Deficiency

The egoistic force is going through a change, a transition. Up until our time it pushed us to develop our life in science, culture, education, and everything we have. And of…

Zoom Box Okta & Slack CEO’s

I’m thrilled to see such stunning examples of human leadership popping up on Linkedin.

We have now officially entered the next stage — the social economy where you can no longer separate social issues from business.

This whole pandemic is about the human ego clashing with nature, and how it wants to bend the ego to be rounder. This is why we all feel we’ve grown so much during this crisis. That was the whole point. To suit us to this evolutionary integral trend.

That’s why seeing the CEO’s of these top companies together on a Zoom call is so…

Einstein Letter To His Daughter on the Universal Force of Love

The following is scientific proof that LOVE CONQUERS ALL, and helps explain why I’m so focused on transforming toxic human energy to positive human energy. That’s the key to fixing everything.

…”When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.

I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.

There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not…

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Where do adults get educated? At work, where we spend many of our waking hours. So the workplace plays a very important role in shaping the individual, in building how that person thinks and behaves. Whether virtual or physical, it is still our most significant environment because we invest so much of our time, thoughts and energy there.

The focus is on nurturing the collective, enabling far-reaching ideas/visions/plans for the future to emerge, which would not have otherwise been revealed. This happens because people are receiving additional warmth and affection, additional motivation, and the additional fuel that comes from this…

Photo by Octavian Rosca on Unsplash

Humanity is going through a major transition, mainly in how we communicate with one another.

The virus came to help us reach this new level of communication. If we were all concerned more about one another and the entire society, we would all be healthy.

Throughout history nature has always pushed us from behind using various formats. We didn’t know what was happening with us in those transitions. This time we do.

It’s the first time in human history that we can see what is happening with us. That we know what process all of humanity needs to go through. So we can get ahead of it this time.

This is our time. We can take the reigns and control nature instead of nature controlling us.

Nature that is developing us wants us to grow, and actively participate in all the changes we must make. These changes are mainly about the connection between us. Change has always been about our connection. People don’t change and we can’t change them. The only thing that changes is our connection. Throughout history this only happened through necessity. Nature applied pressure in many ways including increasing our inner urges, and limiting us in some way externally. This would arrange us in a certain format.

But this time is different. This time we’re going through a significant change.

Nature is demanding…

Josia Nakash

Founder of the Good Vibe Agency

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