A New Consciousness Development (Tapping into the Collective Consciousness)

Josia Nakash
5 min readJul 18, 2020


The Law Of Development

We develop by the egoistic force, the desire to take pleasure from every possible thing, from all levels of development — the Earth, plant world, animal kingdom, and humans. The process of development in the Earth, plant world and animal kingdom is slow. The human species develops very quickly, and we can feel on ourselves how quickly the world is evolving. (Our will to receive pleasure and delight)

A New Deficiency

The egoistic force is going through a change, a transition. Up until our time it pushed us to develop our life in science, culture, education, and everything we have. And of course everything to do with our connections, but at the end of the day, where is the happiness? Why don’t I feel happy? (Lack of happiness and satisfaction)

On the one hand we are highly intelligent creatures who have developed technology, and anything we desire. On the other hand everyone in the world is searching for happiness, and not finding it anywhere.

What is The Meaning of Life?

Today, precisely in our time, humanity is facing this eternal question and has no idea how to answer it. On the one hand we are highly intelligent creatures who have developed technology, and anything we desire. On the other hand everyone in the world is searching for happiness, and not finding it anywhere. People are going to the big cities, traveling, flying — and for what? Why? Perhaps in the next moment I’ll find — what? No one really knows what that is. So it turns out that in our time we can supply ourselves with everything, but feel that we have nothing. It’s a situation where we have everything, but there is nothing in it. And here, it is precisely in this generation that we must add more consciousness — generate a consciousness revolution. (Questions about the meaning of life)

The New Consciousness

It is not simple for a person, because this is about mutual agreement, mutual help and support, which requires us changing our perspective. It’s about changing our nature and therefore there is the difficulty and inner resistance of the person, because they must change their attitude to reality. The significant consciousness shift takes place mainly in how we relate to one another, with no connection whatsoever to religions, faiths, cultures, or anything else that we know. The essence of the change, of this development, is only in how we treat others. That is the heart of this change. This is the new consciousness we are advancing toward.

Only A Psychological Shift

This is about learning to use reality and enjoy it through giving rather than receiving. So it’s really only a psychological shift, because it doesn’t matter to a person if they’re receiving pleasure from giving or receiving — the main thing is get pleasure.

The Negative Force & Positive Force

We have tried two options, one by forcibly placing people into some camp and brainwashing them. Of course that is not good because it’s the bad way. The second good way is where we say, let’s educate for good values and morals that teach us to love and respect others. But this is also not working. So what is the third way? Using the upper force. The force of bestowal that exists in nature.

We are in the force of reception and view our whole life and this entire world through the force of reception. Meaning we don’t really see the world, except how our egoistic desire paints the world for us.

All of reality is bestowal. Outside of man there are forces of bestowal, and the force of giving. We can invite that external force to reveal and feel how it must be this way. We must attract this force to us, so it will work on us. This force is passive, and can only work on us on the condition that we want it to change us.

“Integrality is the next step in human evolution. This realization will lead us to the discovery of the most potent inner power of nature, the one power that connects all levels of nature and its forces into one integral system.” Michael Laitman

Like A Sandwich

We are good on the one hand, and there is the good general force of nature on the other. In between is the bad force separating us. And this is actually good. Why? Because it doesn’t allow us to disappear in the great force, but rather allows us to remain independent, comprehending and sensing. With regard to good and bad, between our ego and the force of bestowal, we can view certain things, view the world, but from the good side rather than the bad. We truly discover nature and the forces within it. This is not brainwashing, but rather us inviting external forces to work on us.

Why is this Different to Being Brainwashed?

The change occurs against our nature, against our will, which is the opposite of brainwashing. We also discover our opposition to this process, along with our demand to be this way despite everything.

Workshop Questions

  1. What causes us to be happy?
  2. Am I happy?
  3. Is happiness a basic necessity or a luxury?
  4. We are living in very special and intensive times, where many things are taking place all over the world. In the midst of all this there is the I. Is it one with my aspirations, my hopes, my dreams, my yearnings? Many things are happening and there is so much information floating around us. Let’s try to make sense of it all — how we feel it washing over us. And from there let’s attempt to understand together a very simple question: What is the meaning of my life?
  5. Along with the danger and uncertainty that brought the coronavirus, there are plenty of other things we discovered about ourselves and nature around us: Fun to work from home. Fun to eat lunch with the family. Fun not to commute 2 hours to work in each direction. Nature rejuvenates itself. Animals were everywhere. The air was cleaner. The fish in the sea multiplied. Pollution decreased. All this did not happen because of our initiative but was rather forced on us by the virus. Let us try to imagine all this happening in a good way, with us taking initiative, with us wanting to advance this good shift, with us controlling the narrative unlike the current scenario. Let your imagination run wild. How would a world that is all good look? Our ego is not annulled but receives an addition. Of what? Whatever we want.

Workshop Rules

1 — Everyone is equal

2 — Everyone can express their opinion

3 — We don’t reject opinions or negate

4 — Speak when it’s your turn (the rest listen)

5 — Speak briefly



Josia Nakash

Founder of the Good Vibe Agency