Building Our Environment Together

Josia Nakash
4 min readJun 12, 2019


Enhancing human relations is humanity’s next, great startup.

Photo by Prashant Gautam


The force that connects all parts of reality.

Love does not distinguish between a Christian, Muslim or a Jew. Man or woman, boy or girl — it’s simply a single force operating on everyone. Perfection. We can attain this while we are living here, in this world.

The force operates on all levels — inanimate, plant life, animal kingdom and human (speaking), in mutuality, as we see in nature. The fact that we have forgotten that we are part of nature does not change the fact. This mutuality is seen in all research regarding the inanimate level, such as atoms; the plant level, such as our metabolism; or the animate level, such as the human body.

Now you may be wondering, “What about all the wars and bad relations we see everywhere today? How can you say that the force of nature is good, if we do not see it?”

This stems from the opposites that exist within us, and between us.
We are an egocentric force acting as separate parts.
The force of nature works in reciprocity.
And therefore, we can only receive from it for maintaining our sustenance.

At the human (speaking) level we are opposite to this force, and this is preventing each of us from reaching our full potential.

So what should we do? Can we adjust ourselves to it and act in a reciprocal manner? And if so, how?

Enhancing human relations is humanity’s next, great startup. We each have our own individual point that can only absorb so much. Yet by connecting our points together beneath a single goal of our mutual connection, we can increase our power by a thousand, and even by a million.

How to activate the system

We are dealing with human emotions, which you can’t really count on.
Therefore, we need to build an environment where we decide how everything will work. As we direct ourselves to be inclined toward empathy, we are already working in partial (yet imperfect) harmony with the force of nature. It’s a gradual process.

There are two elements at work here:
A) Reality as I feel it.
B) How I respond to what I feel.

I can not affect both, but I can control how I respond. So we work together on building our environment that constantly strengthens itself through its common values, thus increasing both our mental and emotional capacity to deal with life. To feel life. To understand life. To develop a correct attitude to life.

And we call this building our environment, which consists of all the internal and external factors, and the various modes of assembly that break us apart from the private force that exists in each of us. And in this we acquire an “insurance policy” to cope with life in an efficient and easy way. There is only one condition that cannot be changed under any circumstances — that all this must be carried out willingly, and in no means through coercion. So there is no point in adding more people who are not yet inclined this way.

Our collective vulnerability

We do not deal with negative issues head on, since this only causes quarrels and conflicts. We handle things indirectly, by preparing a cure for the blow in advance. How? In order to deal with all the bad things that will be revealed between us in building the environment, we can prepare a support system and connection that builds on our own personal point — which each of us has. By making a conscious effort to support others in our environment, we actually acquire for ourselves additional emotional and intellectual forces that will enable us to cope with life in a far more efficient way.

What is really required of us? To come with an open heart, and a willingness to connect above everything separating us.

Toxic workplace challenges

When there are extreme situations involving two specific people, such as a clash of egos at work, this requires a different type of treatment. The two people need to sit down together, and put everything on the table. They need to discuss all their options about how to get out of the current situation, and how beneficial each alternative would be for the environment as a whole. For instance, there would be a better atmosphere in the office, the product being produced would come out better, and so on.

All this is done to build future connections above the existing conflict. If we keep these two parts combined, the foundation of the conflict, and the corrected situation above it, this ultimately makes the connection millions of times more emotional.

This is the part where we understand that the negative feelings were sent to us for a reason — precisely where we had the potential to enhance our connection quite significantly, and do good for the whole.

Companies all over the world are currently dealing with these excessive bursts of the human ego, and they will need this new approach for dealing with it. Handling clashes of egos in the traditional manner may help clear the air temporarily, but not in a truly satisfying manner.

Awakening positive forces

By learning to rise slightly above the human ego and adding a new dimension to the equation (connection) — the destructive forces are transformed into the most powerful and positive force in the world — LOVE.

This approach involves talking about how we feel, and expressing our thoughts and opinions. It also involves learning to listen to one another very intently. Since we are the speaking (human) level of nature, we are the only creatures on the planet that have the capacity to awaken these positive forces.