Future of Europe: Migrants will Infiltrate Everything and Succeed in Their Mission

Josia Nakash
4 min readAug 1, 2018

Watching the events unfold in Europe make me pretty sad. Europe used to be a stunning place to go shop, ski, and enjoy a mixture of incredible cultures with great historical significance.

Governments concerned with being politically correct and saving face are welcoming the migrants with open arms. But there is a huge price to pay. Merkel has significantly lowered the value of Germany, and made Germans feel unsafe in their own country, by welcoming millions to cross her borders. The migrants have already fully infiltrated what used to be the greatest cultural center of the world — France, which can now be considered a Muslim country.

Now Spain is jumping on the opportunity to pump funds from the European Commission into its country. But soon there won’t be jobs at all, and then they will be stuck with providing all these migrants with basic necessities.

This scenario of everyone jumping on the migrant wagon reminds me of the startup world. At the beginning, the startup is coming to solve a huge problem. There is so much excitement and investors are lining up to participate in this exciting new venture they can potentially profit from. Others are distancing themselves and pulling funds from what they feel is a disastrous “business model” and not worth the risk. But regardless of how this startup does in the long run, one thing is for sure: the Muslims have fully integrated every aspect of life in Europe, and there is no turning back.

We are focused on the migrant crisis, but it’s actually just part of a much larger socio-economic crisis sweeping across the globe. The migrants will unite at some point, and take advantage of all this upheaval in Europe to demand basic living conditions. They will have the power to play political parties against one another to get what they want.

What’s the real crisis we’re dealing with? The human ego that has stopped providing society with the drive for life. People no longer want all the things they did in the past, like fancy food and clothes. And once we get rid of this 80% surplus in society, millions will be without work.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the human ego has developed to a point where all the things that used to make us feel fulfilled, no longer fulfill us. So humanity is reaching a state of inner emptiness. And we will soon have no choice but to finally discover the spiritual filling awaiting us.

Humanity has always advanced by us finding ways to fill ourselves. But now that we are over the phase of high fashion and gourmet food, we need to start thinking about what to fill ourselves with. Ultimately the next stage will be far less about filling ourselves with material things. This is the natural evolutionary path we are on.

Our ‘will to receive’ (explained here) is bringing us to a place where everything is more fluid in life, and slightly foggy. This non-stop wondering where all this is headed is an exhausting process for us. We have sort of reached a dead end on our path.

The Creator did this intentionally so we would have an opportunity to ask ourselves:

What do I want out of life? What does life want from me?

We are being given from above a place to ponder these things, to demand inner/superior filling in life.

The solution lies in breaking through to a new reality in order to provide a solution to the growing emptiness people feel inside, which is leading to more depression, suicide and substance abuse.

Time To Go With The Flow

The time has come for us to understand that nature has had a very specific path planned for us all along, and it’s impossible to change it. We think we have the power to change something but we really don’t in our current state. Our destiny is completely in nature’s hands. If you look back at thousands of years of history you can see previous states of desperation, and that is why we are called the last generation of human development.

The future belongs to the first generation of spiritual development. This is the next stage of humanity. Intelligence here will ranked by how much people think about the essence of life, and how to share this information with others. All competition in this future stage will be about competing at helping others, and helping them discover this means to a more sustainable existence.

We will only reach this new type of filling after humanity goes through a phase of emptiness and we start asking ourselves what we want out of life.

There is a program at work here, a process controlled by nature. We need to really stop and ask ourselves:

  • What is the trend happening here?
  • What is really hidden in this program called life?
  • What should I do to attain the purpose of life?

It is only through the wisdom of Kabbalah, which provides the correct connection between people, where we will discover the next stage of our evolution. This is where we will receive the inner filling our souls have been yearning for all this time.

Soon we will learn to consciously recognize the flow of nature and discover the solution to all levels of the crisis approaching society in all areas of our lives — social, economic, educational, etc.

The only question left is, will we go along with this process willingly, and suffer less? Or resist it with every last ounce of our strength, and suffer accordingly? Hopefully we are quickly approaching a level of maturity where we will prefer the first option.