How Women Realize Their Full Potential Through Breastfeeding & Being Moms

My beautiful friends Gabi & Tali ❤❤ (without the twin baby boys who were not born yet!)

The Greatest Gift From Nature

One of the best periods in my life, when I felt the most empowered and not consumed with egoistic thoughts about myself, was the two years that I breastfed my daughter. There is no experience on Earth that ties us to nature so perfectly. Nurturing another human being was such an overwhelmingly powerful feeling.

“The natural force that awakens in a woman after she gives birth is a great force. It is a force that spurs and gives birth to life. There is no more powerful force that creates dependence, love, connection, and care other than the force that is born in a woman who becomes a mother. It gradually grows weaker later on and takes on other forms because a mother can have more children and has to pay attention to all of them.

Still of all human desires, the dependence of the baby on her and her care for him is above everything else by far. It is because of all the other desires for food, sex, family, wealth, and respect, the desire to care for her baby, to be connected to him, precedes all the other desires and is more important than them all.

I emphasize this because in order to bring humanity to a state of harmony with nature and on which the positive advancement of humanity depends to reach a bright future, we have to use this force. It is because it is natural and we don’t have to look for anything artificial.”

Michael Laitman, The Power of Motherhood , 2014

“By raising and educating a child, a mother can truly realize herself and attain inner spiritual power. A mother in the world is connected in the system and links everything. She is the foundation. This is followed by her husband and children.”

Michael Laitman, Motherhood in the Connected World, 2016

Women, Breastfeeding & UBI

If we had any brains we would pay women a universal basic income to stay at home, and breast feed their kids naturally. We would enrich ourselves with courses to be able to provide our kids with everything they need to learn in the first years of their life.

But what have we been doing instead since the great women’s revolution of the last 100 years? We’ve replaced nature’s bounty with chemicals, parents run around in the morning dropping off their kids and going to work, so they can afford all kinds of things that are supposed to make life better.

Stay at home Moms are slightly frowned upon and pitied in society. God only knows, I didn’t think much of my sister Nina staying home and having nine kids one right after the other. But I couldn’t fully appreciate how much strength that actually took until I had one of my own.

So what is the real price of this egoistic, profit driven world we live in? With so many women joining the work force and spending so much time outside the home? Women are so busy with their careers that we are losing the most essential qualities in life. Do we honestly need all this extra manpower in society?

This may sound like a put down of women who have the right to be just like men in today’s world. But it’s actually just the opposite. The correction of the world depends on women, because women are the home. Today the whole world is our home and it needs a woman’s touch to get back on track.

A women’s greatest vocation is to raise children with values that suit the global nature of our world; who understand the importance of contributing positively to society; of collaborating properly with others, to advance forward together. These are things that can only be acquired in a special community of like-minded individuals and families.

Parenting in a Digital World

But since we don’t have our priorities straight, and put so much focus on being successful outside the home, society is hurting. Even when we are at home we are not focused on the children, because we have too many things to distract us like devices and an endless array of digital content at our fingertips. And when we do take a moment to connect with our offspring they are usually busy on their own devices. It’s a sad state of affairs. Is it any wonder that the family unit is disintegrating?

Where is the glue for holding this whole system, or should I say empire, together? It is the woman of the house, the mother who is everything for everyone, and the provider in so many ways.

This is a special message for women from the world’s foremost Kabbalist, Michael Laitman, from over a decade ago:

“The upper force is good and benevolent, and works on us with a love without boundaries, eternal, and never-ceasing even for one moment. What is left up to us is to be discoverers, sensitive to that force of love that exists around us, that passes through us and fills all of reality, the entire world. To the extent that we will be able to awaken in ourselves sensitivity to this, to the extent that we will be able to awaken, to love, the entire world, people everywhere — we will feel how much the world reflects back on us by influencing us from all sides. We will feel love.

Granted today it does not appear to be like this, but let us believe in those that have arrived at this eternal, universal love. Our current feeling is simply due to the fact that we have never tried to awaken all our strength to love the world. And the awakening to this must come from the woman. She is the force holding the world together, continuing the world — that gives birth to a new world every single day. And the force of birth is the force of love. And the enduring force in the world is love. So it is most appropriate that a woman begin the correction of the world by showing how through love, we present and raise everything to the level of eternity and perfection.”

Michael Laitman, 2007

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Josia Nakash

Josia Nakash

Founder of the Good Vibe Agency

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