Iconic Jeffree Star Revealing Dark Secrets about Loneliness, Depression, Self-Harm and Homelessness

Screen capture of Jeffree Star YouTube REVEALING MY LAST DARK SECRETS…

Speaking of mother — daughter relationships, I want to thank my 14-year old daughter Ayala for bringing this important clip to my attention. I have to admit that I didn’t get why she was so obsessed with Jeffree Star until now, but now I get it.

Thank you Jeffree Star for this beautiful and heart warming message about your personal life, but your story is really all of humanity’s story at the moment. The growing lack of connection due to the peaking of the human ego in our time, is the root of all our problems.

Jeffree Star you are not alone. The statistics for loneliness, depression, suicide, self-harm and substance abuse among youngsters especially, are constantly on the rise. I also suffered from depression many years ago after losing two of my sisters.

Why does your generation feel so empty inside? Because you are using all the traditional means of filling yourself, but they are no longer having the desired effect.

What is the one thing that fills us more than anything else?

Human connection.

At the moment we are living in a broken society due to the peaking of the human ego in our time, and we are not even aware of this. If we were aware of this necessary and most exciting stage of our evolution, we would know that we have a way to covert the bad (or emptiness) we feel inside into good.

So society is sick but luckily there is a cure. Israel has the remedy.

A millennial American author I represent, Jesse Bogner, was in a very similar state of self-inflicted harm for many years. He was lucky to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah, and how it provides us with meaning and purpose in life. But most importantly, it provides us with the filling the sophisticated souls in this generation are seeking.

Jesse Bogner presenting his book Tikkunim (Corrections) to Israel’s Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked. Credit: Sasson Tiram (March 2018)

After discovering this new source of filling, Jesse moved to Israel to study authentic Kabbalah. This challenging path is not for everyone because it requires turning yourself into a spiritual lab for checking everything you’re learning. The main goal of the study is to help accelerate the correction of our broken world, by providing a method of connection that will lead to unity.

Unity doesn’t come naturally. To teach unity you need a method. And not just any method. Israel has a connection method to share with the whole world. It has been passed down to us through the generations until we would be ready to use it. And you don’t need to study Kabbalah to benefit from it. Today anyone can experience the connection method, where we rise slightly above our ego to connect at a higher level.

The method is provided through the book of Zohar, which is an upgraded version of where the original code was provided — in the simple bible stories we grew up with. In this day and age, we no longer need to decipher the code because the sages (the Kabbalists) of the last 100 years did this for us.

In the three years that Jesse has been living in Israel, he has conducted a number of sessions with people visiting here on various programs. Here is an example of a connection workshop on the beach in Tel Aviv:

The above clip is with young visitors from the US and Europe who were on a Destination Israel program, talking about what a positive and empowering experience they had sitting in a circle and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Read on to find out how it works and what actually happens in the circle.

The Rules of the Workshop

To get everyone in a good state for connecting, we usually start off with some fun connection games before the workshop begins. The 1.5 hour workshop is essentially a set of questions, that individuals in each circle must answer according to a set of rules. The rules are that everyone in the circle is equal, each participant must listen attentively to others and only speak when holding the speaking object, we try to only add to the circle and not judge others in any way, and finally to speak briefly and on topic.

Using The Ego For Good

All levels of nature are in some kind of connection even though each is operating for its own good. But at least there is no element in nature focused on doing bad to others, and enjoying it. Only we humans intentionally harm others for the sake of our ego.

So what is the takeaway? Even if we can’t be good all the time like the other parts of nature, at the very least, let’s try to not do bad. Even a child can understand this, and this is precisely what we need to teach them. But first we need to teach the adults. Today people of all ages can learn how to use the ego for good.

The best thing you can for yourself and others is help us share this message with the world.

Regarding Parents & Children

This post won’t be complete without mentioning the insanely extreme story of your success skyrocketing at precisely the same time that your mother’s life descended into the absolute bottom of the pit. I can’t begin to imagine what she went through or how she survived it but she did.

One of the most painful aspects of our broken society is the disintegration of the family unit. Children today feel that they have nothing to learn from our generation and this is where the disconnect begins. They don’t even feel that they have any viable role model to shape their lives after. They see that doing everything we tell them to do, won’t lead to a happily ever after life. So why bother? And why should they even listen to us? And they’re right. There is a better way to exist and they are waiting for us to provide it.

As this crazy of example of you and your Mom dealing with so much on your own, each of us is stuck in our own bubble of the ego. The ego convinces us that we are alone in our suffering and makes us feel very sorry for ourselves. But once we connect to the network properly, we discover a whole new way to exist above the ego. Humanity is right on the verge of discovering this.

Jeffree this post is loaded with a lot of information but I know you can handle it and I hope you will want to help us share this insight. Not the Kabbalah part because it freaks people out.

The Ultimate Rush

I grew up skiing and waterskiing every weekend of my childhood in Canada. We sailed to Israel on a 28-foot Cape Dory sailboat. I was the 2nd female sniper instructor in the IDF, and I rollerbladed for many years on the streets of Manhattan. I also danced for many years — modern, tap, jazz, ballet, modern, Broadway, etc. So I know how great a natural adrenaline rush feels. Well, all I can say is that when you connect in the circle, you will feel something thousands of times more powerful than any of that.

Humans are naturally wired for connection, so when we activate this system, we awaken the positive forces in nature that we can actually feel.

Jeffree come help people get high on the greatest drug in the world — human connection. It’s extremely addictive, and once you get used to getting your daily fix, you will want more.

I have provided some clips and articles below that can help understand the cure to these issues and how we can really be happy.

I’ve also included the incredible Jeffree Star rant that led to this post: Revealing My Last Dark Secrets ….

Michael Laitman explains the loneliness epidemic

Jesse Bogner on why we never feel fulfilled



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