Leadership Traits for the Post Covid-19 World

Oren Kaniel AppsFlyer CEO

“During the last 2 months, I’ve been having Open Office sessions with different offices, departments, and teams. In just a few weeks, I’ve learned so much by meeting more team members than I would meet in two years of travel. There isn’t a single session in which I don’t learn new things. Every single session is powerful. Every meeting is an opportunity to expand our common knowledge.” Oren Kaniel

  • Focus on building an integral company from the foundation.
  • Make it completely inclusive, where everyone feels that it’s part of them.
  • Become integrated with each worker and mind, so that everyone will want to belong.
  • Leadership qualities include focusing on building the company together (Hebrew word for company chevra is also society)
  • In an integral system, the leader is dependent on everyone, and everyone is dependent on the leader.
  • Treat workers equally, from the perspective of the integral company the leader is building.
  • Everyone is basically equal, and should be treated equally by the leader.
  • The leader must connect all the employees.
  • Must demonstrate knowledge and lead them as an educator.
  • Must be a dominant character that is appreciated and trusted.
  • Must be sensitive, with the ability to apply the right EQ.
  • Provides a sense of security; people feel dependent on the leader.
  • The integral company doesn’t operate on command, but rather general agreement.
  • From above and also from below, everyone feels mutually responsible.
  • One last important point: Everyone must work properly within the hierarchy, and also in circles.



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