Meet the World’s Top Connection Experts

What is HumansFirst?

We are a highly diverse group of individuals who come together from all over the world for a single purpose — to strengthen our connection. We are people of all ages, colors, nationalities and faiths — but we really don’t notice any of that when we’re together.

Some of our friends have really fancy titles — we don’t notice any of that either. All we notice is how our connection is growing stronger every day and how that is creating ripples of goodness all around us.

Companies are beginning to realize that they have new problems to deal with and these are very human problems — and mainly to do with how teams can work together and thrive in today’s dynamic world. So it’s a very exciting time to be a connection expert.

I have been on these calls for many months now and I’m surprised it took me so long to come up with this concept! No one checks our credentials and the circle is always open. But when you take a closer look — everyone that joins is really focused on enhancing human connections.

Why Now?

We are transitioning to a new way of doing things and that’s always accompanied by confusion. But when we start discussing the next stage and the best way to navigate it together, everything seems so much simpler.

“Western culture is in a grave decline, teeming with tension and rampant egoism, and addicted to instant gratification. In such a climate, humans find themselves at odds with the system of nature, which is based on harmony. We live in a culture that does not provide the balancing effect necessary to live in a sustainable world.” Michael Laitman

A lot of the work we do both through physical meetings from time to time, and regular weekly gatherings in the virtual realm is helping getting our world back into balance. Our positive and uplifting human interaction releases positive energy from nature that the world really needs right now. This is why we celebrate each other’s success, rather than compete. We contribute to the whole, without comparing in any way. That’s what we were discussing yesterday and it’s really a no brainer for self-aware people like us. When we do what we’re gifted to do — there is no competition.

“We’re changing the direction — the arrow — together. The enemy is apathy and status quo. The game we want to win — is the game that’s stuck. Every small step is the big win. I’m here forever to cheer those steps.” Mike Sr. Vacanti

What qualities or qualifications do you need to be considered a Connection Expert?

✔️Heart-centered rather than self-centered

✔️Focused on lifting others

✔️Bringing people together

✔️Generating a positive shift in society

✔️Constant learning/growth

✔️Empathy. Listening. Contributing.

The Connection Experts

Kevin Monroe — Higher Purpose Podcast Host

Mike Vacanti — Catalyst for Positive Change! Speaker. Author: BELIEVERSHIP. Founder HumansFirst .club. Open Hearts & Multiply Impact.

Brian Kelly — Accelerating Growth in People and Teams to Create Better Human and Business Results, Consulting, Coaching, Team Success

Brian Buck — Success curator focused on masterful communication, powerful relationship building, and getting amazing results.

Garry Turner — Interpersonal Catalyst for courageous individual & team connection | Thinking Partnerships | Workshops | Podcast host

Teresa Quinlan — Leadership and Business Transformations through Emotional Intelligence | Co-Host of TNT ESQ Podcast

Cyndee Lake — Chief Purpose Officer & Co-Founder, Blank Page

Quinn Ferrall — Infinite Humans, Founder

Nuria Rojo — Holistic Organization Transformation Champion|Healthy High-Performance Cultures|Future of Work|Technology&Human Talent

Andrea Sanchez — Communications/Marketing Executive; Editor-in-Chief, WORTHY; Host, #DareToBe Twitter chat

Jane Adshead-Grant — Developing Leaders and Teams where Everybody Matters — ICF Master Credited Coach : Facilitator : Speaker

Tetyana Azarova — Organizational Development Consultant/Personal Coach/Researcher

Tawnya Bouma — President/CEO Together For The Good Inc. 501(c)(3) Veteran Certified Military organization supporting Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, PTS, TBI Awareness. Global HR Officer (USA) for WEG Global Goodwill Ambassador

Elizabeth Krussand — Oracle

Jennifer Beitz — Personal Development Coach

Debbie LaChusa — I help people tap into and follow their inspiration, so they can design a business and life they love | Online Teacher | Author | Blogger | Coach/Consultant

Eleanor Snare — I help you take the next step on your creative journey. Mentor, coach, consultant … and a bit of magic too.

Madeleine Lankston — Human Development Coach | Grief Recovery Specialist | Coaching Human to Human

Nicole Coyle — Agile Coach and Scrum/Kanban Team Facilitator at Flexion Inc.

Cat Hase — Helping coaches, consultants, healers and leaders to have greater impact with clients through creativity. Activity, game and workshop design.

Mila DeChant — Founder of Chief of Hearts ❣️| Global Advisor for CEOs to humanize workplaces.


Kathy Holmes — Five Behaviors™ of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC Partner & Accredited Facilitator/ Let’s Rise Together!

Oleg Loughheed — Overcoming Odds Podcast

Lynn Putz — Talent Strategist & Executive Coach, T-Mobile

Olga Piehler — Founder and Chief Igniter Officer (CIO) at

Doug Fine — Principal at D.FINED Performance Solutions — Doug J. Fine

Arlene Mendoza — Sr. Innovation Program Manager @ Alluma

David (Saint) Martin — Executive Director at Evolve Youth Academy and CEO/Founder at Bailey Jude (Boutique Creative/Marketing Recruitment)

Nancy John — L&D Professional I Performance Coach I Sales Trainer I Addressing leadership & innovation risk in organizations

Colin Smith — The Listener — Improving the active listening, thinking and relationships skills of individuals and teams.

Jiggy Yoon — Public Speaker & Coach | Helping leaders maximize the longevity of their performance with self-awareness and EQ.

Jenny Powell — Helping businesses focus on Employee Engagement through “moments that matter” / MCIPD / MEEA

Alberto Gonzales Otero — Chief Purpose Officer | Founder @ Just on purpose | Helping companies, leaders & teams find their purpose & transform

Shelby Wagner — Business Agility Coach

Stephanie Barnes — Chief Chaos Organiser | Succeeding at big, unwieldy projects that don’t neatly fit into a box. #digitaltransformation

Samantha Suppiah — CEng MCIBSE | Holistic sustainability in the built environment

Benjamin Warsinske — BrandedWorld, Brand Strategy & Implementation Consultant | Workshop

Mark Snedden — Supporting TRANSFORMATIONAL SHIFTS in Workplace Cultures & Human~Being Leaders

Linda Simpson — I bring diverse groups together to create high performing teams who deliver valuable solutions to organizations

Chance Stewart — Servant Leader — Speaker — Leadership Development

Zander Townend — Owner at Body Wisdom Vitality Strategies

Rhys Thomas — I help Leaders connect with their truSELF | Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Coach | Co-Host on #TNTESQ Podcast

Stevie Borne — Leadership and Team Transformation Coach

Rachel Druckenmiller — Keynote Speaker | Founder & CEO of UNMUTED | Humanizing the Workplace | Wellbeing | Transformational Leadership

Kay Wakeman — Talent Strategist | Workforce of the Future Visionary | Humans First Advocate | Attract, Develop, and Retain

Laura Sukoroff — Founder, People Maximizer at C-Change Learning and Development

Maryann Kerr — I want you to cry at work. And laugh, and be wholly human and incredibly productive. Is that asking too much?

Nina Stultz — Focused on PEOPLE FIRST. Creating BELONGING everyday. I help mama leaders CREATE a wildly successful NETWORK of SUPPORT

Kerry Wekelo — Chief Operating Officer Actualize Consulting: Helping you create and maintain a thriving organizational culture.

Stephan Heflin — Founder The People Centered Business Round Table | Helping purpose-driven business owners achieve their long term vision

Cortney Schaefer — I love Business and I believe in Teams, in Change, in Growth and in Helping Others.

Rebecca Scott — Founder | Speaker | Consultant | Creative Solutions for Organizations and People

Stephanie Swenseid — Passionate thought leader skilled at creating programs that make a difference for companies & communities they serve

Barry Holmes — Changing the way the world thinks about learning

Dr. Pauline T. Crawford — CEO of Corporate Heart International, Gender Dynamics Expert | Author | Speaker | Magical Conversations That Matter for Men & Women in Business

Francheska E’silva — Catalytically Curious 💡| Asking questions since 1991 | HACKING HR Partner |

Stephanie Tran — Chief Operations Officer at Powerwolf Athletics

Caroline Ford — Talent Strategist Manager at Accenture

Some people don’t join all the zoom sessions but are very important connectors:

Claude Silver — Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia (HR/People)

Shelley Brown — ROI Mindfulness

Melissa Hughes — Speaker | Author | Columnist | Neuroscience Geek

Greg Sloan — Purpose CFO | Fiduciary-Only CFP® | Visioneer | Strategist | Entrepreneur | Launching EX platform to help retain emerging talent

Heather Younger — International TEDx motivational speaker on resilience, employee loyalty, leadership and advisor on employee retention.

Kimberley Davis — Author: BRAVE LEADERSHIP, Leadership Educator, cultivating confident, authentic, and powerful leaders.

Miranda Ash — Transformation expert working with the CEOs of SMEs to grow their business using The Freedom at Work Model

Bill Perry — Senior Organizational Consultant at theInnovatusGroup

Brooke Erol — Culture Transformation Consultant | Coach | Speaker | Author | Chief Purpose Officer

Renata Porter — Leadership Consultant-Trainer-Coach

David McGlennen — High Performance Culture Coach

Raf Baron — Frequent and real-time feedback for busy managers. Develop, retain and engage your team through feedback conversations.

Stefan Taylor — Helping Executives create more energy, shed fat & move to get your 20 something body back in 10 weeks

Lauren Simer —Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Dawna Jones — Co-creating Solutions to Sticky Issues; Shift Perspective



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