Nature Is a Stern Teacher

Josia Nakash
3 min readMar 15, 2020


Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

This is really happening. We’ve gotten into a new daily routine until further notice. The coronavirus is forcing us to gradually make changes; with regard to our health, finances, and even by closing my favorite coffee shop up the street. The notable change here is the isolation, and division between us.

New holes are opening up in our schedule due to the new conditions, which we may need to deal with for the first time in our lives. We’re at home under one roof with our kids. What should we do with them? What should we do with ourselves? And how will we pay our rent or mortgage? Of course all these legitimate concerns pop up and demonstrate how each of us is feeling. But clearly coronavirus didn’t forget anyone this time around, since it has spread all around the world, and will reach every person.

They say there’s safety in numbers, or at least they said that when I was growing up in Canada — before there were global outbreaks like this. So maybe this is an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves that can be implemented in a new way.

Over the last few years nature has been attacking us mercilessly with many types of disasters such as tsunamis, climate change, icebergs melting, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Actually at all levels of nature — the earth, plants and animals. These crises are not just something that passes over us. We are also a part of the system of nature. We are inside nature. The complete nature including man is a single chain of laws, which only man can change through free choice. Since the beginning of time nature has always been our only example for us to learn how to implement the new aspects of our development in a good way.

But there is a problem. Nature doesn’t know how to speak our language. It has its own language and that is to create pressures/crises that man will need to balance/stabilize. Our correct reaction to its message will expand our EQ capacity, right here in this lifetime.

Constant Learning

If we look at the coronavirus what have we actually discovered? On the one hand how interdependent we are, at levels we never imagined. On the other hand, that our connections are negative. So just like anyone with eyes can learn from past mistakes about the future, we must also keep track of nature and react correctly.

Of course it’s not easy to see how our material connection in this world is influenced by our human connection. But it’s really possible. How do I know? Because nature always reveals itself through examples of reciprocity — so of course our relations are influenced by it, and we influence it back.

Hopefully this time we are learning our lesson. And we are grateful for nature opening our eyes all the way this time — so we could finally understand.