The Global Awakening Will Start with Women

At the heart of the never-ending search for enhancing life on our planet is the gender issue. Men and women are the two forces that the renewal and continuation of the human species are based on. The correct balance between these two forces will bring about fresh results in all aspects of our lives: education, economy, social and environment.

Forces of nature are never equal to one another, but rather complement each other perfectly. This is the only way to measure the correct balance between them. Our generation must understand that the complimentary aspects of the female-male relationship serve a single common goal — the improvement of mankind. The outcome of this discovery will bring about significant changes for everyone on the planet.

Over the next decade, the world will discover how to leverage women’s unique attributes to get our lives back in balance. A woman is more practical and down to earth, and more connected to Nature since she is the one giving birth. She is more capable of overcoming obstacles and hardship to achieve a desired goal. While men can dispute a minor issue endlessly, women have the ability to rise above their egos and do the right thing when faced with a life and death situation. That is the situation humanity is currently facing, and it is up to the women of world to encourage men in the right direction. To nurture the world just as a mother does for her child. Because men are greatly influenced by what women think of them.

As the woman’s true role in global affairs emerges in the coming years, feminists will discover that they presented a very weak case of what women are actually capable of. That is not to say that they are better than men in any manner.

Women simply have capabilities that the world has overlooked until now, which hold the key to managing our lives more successfully and effectively.

With humanity at a crossroads, we must no longer take things for granted but rather learn how to use every aspect of our lives to enhance life on our planet. There is nothing in our world that was put here randomly. Each and every aspect of life was precisely planned and evolved to be ready for this moment. So the only question left is, are we prepared?

We all need to learn about the laws of reality, the benefits of human bonding, how everything is connected, and how to live in harmony on a daily basis. Children especially need to be prepared for life in an increasingly interdependent world. This type of insightful content can propel humanity into the new reality awaiting us.

Women have a very special place in this process. Our current situation is simply due to the fact that we have never tried to awaken all our strength to love the world. And this global awakening must come from the woman. We are the force holding the world together, continuing the world — giving birth to a new world every single day. The force of birth is the force of love, and the enduring force in the world is love.

So it is most appropriate that the women of the world begin fixing the world by showing how through love, we can raise everything to the level of eternity and perfection.



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