How The Power of Thought Changes Our Reality

  • The power of thought is the main and highest power humans have
  • We create our reality with our thoughts, feelings and everything we do
  • The aspiration is to live in an ideal state
  • To change ourselves, and through this all of reality that we sense
  • To control our desire, a person’s main force

The question before us is — how can we control the power of our thoughts? Our thoughts control our desire, and our desire controls our thoughts, because there is a reciprocal relationship between them. So the question is — how do we change the power of thought and the power of our desire at the same time? The answer is — through our environment.

How do we change reality? How does change really happen? There are two main ways:

  1. Infection like a virus — we change to the extent that we are influenced externally. This changes our desire.
  2. We can change reality itself, but to do that we need greater forces. An internal shift.

Through our thoughts we have the capability of raising ourselves above our desires. To not be receiving, but rather giving. We begin to see another world that is arranged in a new way. And this is the true power of love. To feel how the world operates. How much we can change our reality through the power of thought.

The only condition is that our thoughts must be for the good of the collective reality. So on the one hand reality is shaped the way we want, by our own thoughts. And on the other hand, it is limited to this world, according to the era, history, geography, etc.

A person who understands that his/her own good is dependent on the good of the whole, and that the good of the whole and reality must be one, can understand that everything can be attained by the power of thought.

We can change reality for the better, if we are thinking about changing it for the good of all.

Therefore, our primary concern must be creating an environment that directs our thoughts in the right direction, and through this we can change reality.



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