HumansFirst EMEA call — January 27, 2020

When people join HumansFirst meetings, they are walking straight into a positive energy field that has a strong gravitational pull — it attracts people with the same positive/corrected attributes that the field has. I believe our job is to increase that gravitational pull from the center of our group, so that more and more evolved people will join us. How do we do that? By constantly working on our connection, and expanding this circle of like-hearted humans. Treating everyone as equals, and with the respect and dignity we all deserve.

All of us on these HumansFirst calls are completely aware of the necessary changes up ahead for shifting to a better way of existing. Less focus on theory & knowledge, and more focus on genuine human emotions and meaningful experiences. The big question is how it will happen.

One clear thing we came away with today was recapped by Mike Sr. Vacanti and that’s that there is no single way for this to happen: “Are we looking for the one way? The tool? The one thing? I think we’re demonstrating that doesn’t exist. So how do we best support each other so we can keep strong and keep generating ideas through each other?”

Kate was saying something very similar in our breakout room — that there are many ways to approach this shift, and everyone will do it at their own pace. She suggested “instilling little practices”.

This sentiment was echoed by Kevin Monroe who said he doesn’t see this as a global shift, but rather the little things we all do that will make the shift happen: “Just show up and be loving. The ripple effect is enormous. What can I do today to lift someone else?”

And check out this stunning example he just posted from a coffee cup at Scooter’s Coffee. Happy to see any brand that’s using the extra space on their products to share important messages like this.

Scooter’s Coffee SHARE AMAZING IDEAS Cup

Helen said, “Awareness is on the knowledge level; what people really need is a human experience to practice and adopt . That’s a big challenge.”

The TNT ESQ podcast duo highlighted similar things — Rhys said any meeting is an opportunity to form connection. Teresa shared what Tanya said: “What if our intention was always to connect? Coaches can train people to send out love first”.

As our host Garry Turner said the common theme in the gratitude segment was “all heavily connection based”. And connection is the new gold standard according to our beautiful friend Jenny.

On the one hand I agree with all the friends. I really do. We had a very logical discussion. These things can’t be forced, and companies cannot demand that people make the shift to being more human in the workplace. It doesn’t work that way. All they can do is “create the environment that will allow the shift to happen”, as Kevin said.

On the other hand, I’m in a huge rush to ignite this positive wave of consciousness that must wash over humanity to counteract all the negative human behavior we are seeing everywhere. I’m not just concerned with the workplace, even though that is an ideal place to start.

Companies cannot focus on connection all day long. They are in business to focus on making a profit. But some systematic practices can be put in place to help the transition happen, without waiting for things to get toxic. Every company will need to make their own adjustments to generate this internal shift, while remaining competitive externally.

This shift will come about gradually in our world. It’s a general trend the world needs to go through — and it’s about activating our global/mutual connection as much as possible.

Ultimately, this is a purely emotional transition, where we are gradually increasing the emotions and mind of each individual, and how we relate to each other. This will increase the sensation of abundance in the world.

The system already exists between us; we simply need to adjust ourselves to it. We need to work on finding the right words and connections, and keep making adjustments to our values and codes of behavior. We need to be able to talk and really understand what’s behind what others are saying. How they all have the same burning desire to exist here in a better way.

And here is the trend that will become a symbol of the next stage: each human in the world will be able to execute these things both technically and practically.

The challenge is understanding what’s between us — and how to tie everything together in a way that we’ll all agree with. We don’t have any technical issues, but the network we currently have between us is chaotic.

In a more corrected society we agree on vital elements such as the new and improved educational system. We arrange all the bureaucratic functions of society according to the new codes of behavior that we determine.

How can we do this when 1% of the world’s rich are wealthier than 60% of the world? How much do all these weapons cost? Let’s pour that money into raising a better generation — with better values.

Let’s start educating kids about these new values and codes of behavior from age 3, and continue all the way till 18. Then let them go out to the world. What do you think will happen?

The child is formatted to work in a group. So you take what’s unique about each and don’t highlight it. You maintain it, but as part of the collective success. Kids learn that when all their inclinations work together for collective success — this provides far-reaching results that cannot be achieved through individual success.

Within this state of agreement and without cancelling any details — we suddenly discover things that we didn’t even intend or plan for such as emotional and intelligence additions, begin to mesh together in all kinds of details. We may not even be aware of the results — but they are far reaching. Each individual has their space and environment — and at the same time >> unlimited possibilities. Both emotionally, and providing a safe environment for kids to grow up in.

Our brain executes what our will commands — it’s not a thing in its own right. Look at humanity’s history — how we evolved from caves to today’s technological and social achievements. It’s all about our evolving desires.

The human desire changes and everything changes in accordance with that. Humans have an additional brain system compared to animals — that we use to implement our desires.

But what about the 98% of the brain that we don’t use? There is the general system of nature that we exist in. Yet somehow, we humans have forgotten that we belong to that system.

Can someone explain or prove what that other 98% is for? Special people use 4%, and what about the rest of humanity?

When we discover the right connections between us — these additional percentages will gradually be revealed according to how we suit ourselves to the system. This mainly involves being concerned about the correct relations between humans as a whole.

This is not about increasing knowledge, but ultimately this process will increase all our capacities. It will release us from our narrow/limiting perspective of the world. And we will finally be able to taste real freedom beyond the constraints of the human ego.

So what is the transition from IQ to EQ? It’s a transition from a mindset of receiving, to a mindset of receiving to give to others. Even if we aren’t there yet, we can practice this new state of being together.

See you out there in the playground!

Founder of the Good Vibe Agency